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I was lucky enough to discover what I wanted to do at a very young age and have been doing it ever since. I have been a ceramic artist for over 20 years and one of the things that I love about this medium is it’s versatility. Currently, I create both functional and sculptural work. As you can tell by my site, I work in many different clay bodies. With each material, I work hard to develop a style that is complimented by each process and that helps me create simple, lovely forms that are accentuated by the surface. I hope you enjoy my work! To see more please visit my shop at and follow me on Instagram @candy.austin.ceramics.

Artist Statement

I use all different processes when creating my work. Combining throwing and hand building techniques, I use whatever process will fit the scale and the feeling of the works. For example, in my current sculptural work, I throw multiple closed forms, alter them, and then add hand built elements. This allows me to create precise, smooth, and organic forms. I have also made strictly hand built pieces, building works up to four feet by four feet. The types of firing I use are also determined by what type of piece or what type of feeling I am trying to create. I have used many different techniques including pit firing to achieve an organic flowing surface, low fire oxidation for smooth colorful surfaces, cone 6 oxidation for porcelain inlay, cone six reduction for a warm, spontaneous surface, and cone 10 reduction for highly functional surfaces. Having this constantly expanding palette of techniques lets me freely grow as an artist, and allows my work to continuously change and develop.

Sculptural Work Statement:
My work deals with emotions and relationships. These relationships are the interactions that take place between forms within a work as well as between the work and the viewer. The forms themselves are inspired by aspects of the human body, such as a rotund belly, a long neck, or an open mouth, and shapes found in nature, particularly twisting intertwined tree branches and balancing rock formations. Interactions between the forms are important to me, as well as the way the pieces relate with and animate the space around them. What interests me the most is the relationship the viewer has to my work, whether it is physically sitting in a piece, standing close to see detail, or visually making a connection with memories in their life.

On My Bubbles:
Reality seems to shift as I move through one part of my day, my life, to another. Sometimes I can see clearly and distinctly and I am uplifted. At other times I feel as if my world is crumbling around me and the floor beneath me shifts yet again. One snapshot: light is streaming down, but I am hiding; I know there is a way, but I am frightened; I am comfortable in my bubble, but want a transformation. My role and identity changes from parent to sibling to teacher to student to lover to enemy to friend to... I can glimpse into your bubble, but cannot enter. I am surrounded, but alone in splendid isolation.